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Systems Administrator - Platform Specialist

El Segundo, CA · Information Technology
We conducting a search for a systems admin who will become a specialist in our client's platform.  This is a great opportunity for a more junior person or recent grad to move up.

The job of Platform Specialist – System Admin works 100% on the EPi4 Platform developed and supported by the Entrypoint Technology Team at Phoenix Software international. This role involves supporting all of the core and auxiliary components of the EPi4 Platform with an emphasis on System Administration. Supporting our customers is the primary focus and it takes priority over all other job responsibilities. When not supporting our customers, the Platform Specialist will focus on configuring and optimizing our Tomcat Instances, Linux Servers, and Windows Servers.

System Administration of our internal infrastructure is the core secondary job responsibility for this position. This includes but is not limited to understanding LDAP/AD, virtual servers, configurating our supported databases, security, SSL, and any other critical system administration needs both internally and for our customers.

While system administration is the secondary function of this role, the tertiary responsibility would be supporting the EPi4 Platform’s Software Architect/Technical Lead in implementing the architectural vision and future direction of the vision. This tertiary role includes software development and investigating new technologies and their effective use within the platform. In total, this job requires the successful candidate to have an intellectual curiosity to learn.

This job only requires at least 1 year of Java programming experience.

Core Skill Sets

Technology Skills:
  • Windows SQL
  • Linux Derby/SQL Server/MySQL/Maria DB
  • Install Shield Apache
  • Networking Javascript and Java

Optional Technology Skills
  • Security/SSL

Soft skills
  • Superb Written and Verbal Communication
  • Intellectual Curiosity Patience in dealing with customers
  • Self-starter
  • Good Organizational Skills
If you are thinking about making a change for the right opportunity, please submit your resume in confidence for immediate consideration.
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